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When you book a service with us, one of our expert local tree surgeons will come to your property and give a FREE assessment and estimation of what the job will cost and how long it will take. Our team have trained and mastered all arborist services, from pruning back fruit trees to thinning out large deciduous trees, we have you covered!

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Our team of professional climbers and arborists make sure that every single job is completed to the highest possible standard. For any tree surgery, we have the correct tools and competence. From the Japanese Maples to the Mighty Oaks we have it covered.

We are professional local tree surgeons in Kerry. Our crew have experience cutting down and removing large trees and hedges, there isn’t a job too big or too small for us. Our dedication to great customer service ensures you get a high quality service at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our tree surgery services.

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Our Professional Tree Surgeons Can Take Care Of All Types of Jobs

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We are quick to respond to customer enquiries and can rapidly deploy a professional to provide a FREE estimation.

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Our tree experts and gardeners have trained in the industry for many years and are masters in arboriculture

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We guarantee a top quality service and a friendly helpful approach when we are booked in for a job.

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We are a local tree company in Kerry. Our business is built on providing the community with great services at low costs.

We Have Experience In All Tree Surgery Procedures

These kinds of approaches enable us to prolong the life of your trees and guarantee they remain in ideal health and condition.

Dead Wooding

The procedure of dead wooding involves cutting down and removing dead or dying branches from a tree which may be causing it strain and wasted energy. Actively removing these weakened branches will reduce the likelihood of them falling during high winds and can prevent bugs and pests from infesting the tree.

Crown Lifting

Carrying out a crown lifting procedure is usually done to raise the lower portion of the branches of the trees higher up, which can be useful if access is required below. Reducing the lower mass of a tree will also enable more light to penetrate below and can help further growth spurts upward.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a technique to reduce the tree branches’ density and overall weight. This procedure can increase trees resistance to storm-damage and keeps it growing in the right areas. Crown thinning should only be performed by trained tree surgeons which understand the physiology of a tree and can make each cut safely

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a surgery technique used to reduce the outer portions of a tree and trim them back to neat proportions, encouraging them to grow in the right direction. Reducing the crown of a tree should never be done more than 40% of the overall mass of the tree to reduce the risk of high-stress activation.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is typically the final phase of tree surgery. Some clients are happy with stumps in their garden. However, they can cause some problems of their own if a fungal invasion occurs or pests begin living within the stump.

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